January 08, 2013

Top 12 of 2012

2012 has been, by far, the most emotional year of my life.
With the death of my brother and the birth of my first child,
my creative outlet was almost non-existent this year.
Frankly, as much as I believe in the power of art and creative worship
through books, music and film, I had no desire to participate in any of it.
So my list is a bit limited. Forgive me.

12. Book: "Kisses from Katie" (Katie Davis)

"A breathtaking journey into the sorrow and beauty of abandon to Jesus Christ. Katie Davis is young, still learning daily how best to serve. Yet her reckless, Peter-like love calls the bluff of a Christianity that refers to Jesus as 'Lord' with only partial intent of doing what he says. This is not a book to read if you wish for your comfort, convenience, and control to remain undisturbed. But if you stand willing to act upon belief, here you will encounter the full heartache and joy that await any person who ventures near to God's heart through adoption and other ways of loving the orphan in distress."

11. Book: "The Warmth of Other Suns" (Isabel Wilkerson)

10. Movie: "The Dark Knight Rises"
Christian Bale was flawless, as usual. Anne Hathaway took me by surprise - she was good. And I have a new respect for Sir Tom Hardy, as Bane. So many gleeful surprises and twists.
9. Movie: "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"
A delightful little film. It made me happy.
8. PBS Series: "Downton Abbey"
What?! A halfway decent television series? A rarity these days.
7. Book: "Quiet" (Susan Cain)
Explores the power of introverts. A must-read for all you strong extroverts out there.
It might help us to all get along better...
6. Album:"A Church That Fits Our Needs" (Lost in the Trees)
5. Movie: "Les Miserables"
4. Album: "Babel" (Mumford & Sons)
3. Watching the Olympics
Two words... Oscar Pistorius!
2. Book: "One Thousand Gifts" (Ann Voskamp)
1. Gift: Joshua Tobias Schmitz


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